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October Tour in Provence

October Tour in Provence



Sometimes people ask me what my favorite season is in Provence.  I usually say spring as I love the wild flowers but when October comes around I am at awe with the ruby reds and golden yellows. An October tour in Provence provides stunning colors and a quieter, less busy touristy atmosphere.

October is also rich with festivals that seem to take a more authentic feel than those during the warmer months. Let me show you what an authentic small village festival looks like…

october tour

How Has Provence Changed?

Twenty Years Later

 Saint-Remy de Provence

How Has Provence Changed? – a look at Saint-Remy de Provence


Saint-Remy de Provence

Bicycle restaurant in Saint-Remy de Provence, 1996

Obviously things change in twenty years – anywhere; our house, the garden, the community, not to mention ourselves.  Sometimes, we like the change, other times we wish it would go away…or come back depending on how you look at it.  It’s probably a good thing I changed a bit since coming to Provence 20 years ago – my Seattle grunge attire when I first arrived didn’t set so well in the chic French attire (those dreadful looks of French woman when I entered a boutique kind of got to me).

Saint-Remy de Provence – Restaurant 20 years later