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Contemplative Photography & Slow Travel

What is contemplative photography?Go beyond the habitual ways of seeing and looking – beauty is everywhere! There’s an inner longing in all of us to see beauty.  It’s one of the first things we « plan » when free time comes our way: an outing to our local museum, a weekend getaway to mountains …

Wine Photography in France

Wine photography is just one of the artistic elements to photograph while traveling in the South of France.  Ancient doors, rustic shutters, wildflowers and colorful facades keep the eye in the continual movement to capture the glory.   Could there be something better to capture than this?  What…

Lifestyles in Provence

As a tour guide, I get to see people in their “lifestyles” as I go from one village to another.  I consider this a perk to my job.  Capturing simple life moments reminds me to enjoy my own simple moments.  It is also one of the perks of travel; to see different lifetstyles.  It opens up our sens…

October Tour in Provence

Sometimes people ask me what my favorite season is in Provence.  I usually say spring as I love the wild flowers but when October comes around I am at awe with the ruby reds and golden yellows. An October tour in Provence provides stunning colors and a quieter, less busy touristy atmosphere.

Authentic Provence

Authentic Provence: genuine, real, veritable share the sense of actuality and lack of falsehood or misrepresentation The above could be a definition of “Authentic”.  So if we talk about an “authentic bistro”, what would we be talking about?

How Has Provence Changed?

Twenty Years Later A look at Saint-Remy de Provence Obviously things change in twenty years – anywhere; our house, the garden, the community, not to mention ourselves. Sometimes, we like the change, other times we wish it would go away…or come back depending on how you look at it.  It’s probabl…