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Why Choose Your Private Provence

Why Choose Your Private Provence

Your Private Provence is a US based LLC, owned and operated by your escort/coordinator/guide/interpreter – me, Emily Durand.  You can be sure to have quality service both before and during your trip.

I live in Provence so I’m always getting the latest updates, meeting with new people who cater to my Escort Tour business and trying out new places to rate them for my clients.

You will also have the advantage of being guided by a French/American citizen.  If anything should arise I will be fully able to guide you to the right places for professional help.

…and just a few more reasons for traveling with Your Private Provence:

  • Less time for you in front of the computer trying to put together the perfect vacation in Provence
  • Personalized itineraries designed according to your preferences and budget
  • One stop shopping – the only thing you’ll need to do is get your airline tickets and travel insurance plan.  Your Private Provence takes care of the rest. With your escorted tour package price you get all pre-trip correspondence (email, Skype, telephone), a detailed itinerary with resources to immerse yourself even before departure and once in Provence, your private guide, translator and host.
  • Inside contacts – Want to get to know the locals, get off the “touristy” track and discover the people behind the scenes.  YPP can organize meals at the wine maker’s house, a tour in the workshop with the potter or a special visit with the lavender farmer (just a few ideas of how YPP can make your tour more unique).
  • 100% hospitality – you are not just another tourist!  You are my guests and all my vendors cater to my guests.  It’s like coming to Provence as the Kings and Queens.
  • Adaptable and attentive – Whether you are a retired couple, honeymooners or a group of adventurers, Your Private Provence knows how to cater to your needs.
  • Transparent Pricing – No hidden cost and no outrageous mark-ups.  Your Private Provence will be happy to communicate the price breakdown with you.
  • Professional Chauffeur – As a citizen of France I have acquired a professional chauffeur license to be your driver.  Should you just need transportation or transportation with a day tour you can also be sure and secure with Your Private Provence.
  • Day Tours – Perhaps you are on a river boat cruise or stopping in Marseille at the port on your Mediterranean cruise.  All you have time for is a day tour.  YPP hosts day tours throughout the region and helps you maximize the little time you have to discover the soul of Provence.
  • Lots of fun – What else can I say – Your Private Provence is your ticket to great times that you’ll remember for a lifetime.
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Oppede architecture
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