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4-day private tour of Provence with Cristian and Liliana

4-Day Private Tour, May 2021

“Despite being a frequent traveler, I am not a usual writer of reviews. But this case, deserves one. My wife and myself just spent 5 days in French Provence. This trip was our first to this gorgeous part of France. We were suggested various tour operators. Finally chose the person I will describe for the speed and care she devoted during the pre-engagement phase, very different from the others.

If you are looking to visit the region and wanting a guide that really knows the place and its intense history, is flexible to suit your needs and wishes on the go (in my specific case that included drone flying), is punctual and manages timing without rushing, provides immediate answers during the planning phase and during the tour (early mornings, late evenings, 7 days a week), can drive with utmost care, does great photography to complement yours, and is ‘super sympa’, the person to provide all of the above is Emily Durand, an American expat that has been living in the region for more than 25 years.

Because Emily is all the above (and more), you will miss her when your Provence visit is over (and regret you did not stay more). A final clarification: While American citizens will feel they are taken care by an American member of their family, that is in no way reserved to guests who come from America. We are proud citizens of a European and a South American country, and Emily provided us with that family feeling.”

Cristian & Liliana, Argentine