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2016 Rhone wine tour in Provence with Your Private Provence

September 2016 Rhone Wine Tour

“You are the sweetest and we enjoyed getting to know you. You are also a trooper – spending a week with a rowdy group like ours must not have been an easy task:). You did it, girl!”


“In addition to the email from Tatiana, I want to thank you for your kindness and sweetness and patience in making our honeymoon so very special.  You are a sheer delight.”


“Tireless, warm, funny, delightful, lovely….I will run out of juice on my iPhone before I run out of adjectives to describe you. We really enjoyed your company and we thank you for all your efforts.”


“Ditto. I especially enjoyed our “girl” time when all the ladies rode with you.”


“It was a pleasure to meet you too!  We enjoyed hearing your wonderful stories about your family too! Maybe our paths will cross again.”