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2018 small group lavender and cultural tour of Provence

June 2018 Lavender & Cultural Tour

“Thank you, Emily, for all your help in arranging my trip and transporting me before and after the tour.  Also, the tour was so special.  I enjoyed it all.  You are a great guide to all the special things, places, foods, and experiences in this area of Provence.”

Diane Logon, Florida

“Our group consisted of six women and one very brave gentleman with of a wide range of ages, backgrounds, personalities, and abilities. We toured the historic Chateauneuf Du Pape. We visited a Winery, Alain Jaume & Fils, sampled several different wines to include one of the Chateauneuf Du Pape wines and had a full course meal (which was unexpected)… So much delicious food. Toured Le Chateau du Bois, Lavender oil is processed, where I bought a bottle of essential oil for the first time in my life. But the highlight of my trip, the chef! Giuseppina, a beautiful soul from the time we stepped into her home, welcoming and bright. Never did I expect such hospitality! And the food was AMAZING.

There are so many things I can say about this trip, the people, the history, and the food… it can go on forever! Emily is the ever patient tour guide, always offered us wine and food, the best friend you could take anywhere and never feel left out. I feel we will book again, next time I would bring my daughter along.”

Sarah Murphy, Washington