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Provence lavender tour group photo

July Lavender Tour 2021

“A traveler is always faced with this secret dilemma…..once you have experienced the perfect tour, in the perfect place, arranged  by the perfect host, do you tell the world or do you try and keep it a secret just a while longer?

Such is my dilemma having just returned from that ‘perfect’ week in Provence. I have decided to be magnanimous and share.  After all, the world needs as much ‘perfect’ as it can find right now.

Emily’s Private Provence could just as easily be named Emily’s Perfect Provence. Delight in her itineraries, pour over the possibilities and once you commit to the trip know that you will not be disappointed. The food, the pace, the accommodations, the history, the little surprises, the attention to details, the sights and sounds and most enjoyably, the people of Provence, will all be there for you to enjoy. You will have not just visited a place for a week, you will have lived it and that is a next level experience. I’m confident, you will return home contemplating the same dilemma… ‘share or not to share’?”

Peggy Devoy, Illinois

“Emily, I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful tour last week. It was far and away above my expectations and I had no doubt it would be wonderful!

Every small special detail just added to the overall experience. Your fun personality as our tour guide, the amazing meals in such unique locations, the unbelievable beauty of Provence, and the superior lodging all added up to a trip of a lifetime. I will certainly treasure our time together.”

Joan Aaron, Illinois

“In 2019, my parents toured Provence with Emily and could not stop raving about the vacation. Before the tour was even over, my mom secured our spots for the next year. This is a true testament at just how memorable and magical a week with Emily in Provence is. While COVID delayed the trip and plans changed, I am so happy I was finally able to travel to Provence during lavender season!

Experiencing Provence with Emily is unlike anything else because of all her unique local touches and wealth of knowledge. Eating a gourmet meal in the most beautifully decorated house in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue is just one example of an incredible experience that would not have been possible without Emily! Each meal was better than the last and the BnB was spectacular. I already can’t wait to return to that little slice of heaven but until then I will look through all of the amazing photos from our trip.”

Noelle Nazha, Texas