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Thorson Christmas in Provence tour 2022 testimonial

High Provence Lavender Tour – July 2022

“Finally third time was a charm! I found Emily while looking for trips to Provence to see the beautiful fields of lavender. I sent my deposit for 2020 and Covid happened so transferred it to 2021 and things were still crazy but finally 2022. There were 5 of us in our group, my daughter decided to join me and then my grand daughter joined in, and finally the lovely Carroll’s Jill and Greg. We had so much fun, so much wine and so many laughs. We showed the French how to party before midnight the night before Bastille Day, found out we could not sing La Marseillaise worth a darn and went truffle hunting, our sweet truffle hunting dog found one so we learned how to eat truffles and had a cooking lesson from a delightful French chef! We did so much more, it was truly a memorable trip. Much of the Lavender had been harvested early due to drought but we still saw some beautiful fields. I would love to return one day! Emily is truly a wonderful host and fun travel buddy.”

Barbara Thorson

“This small group tour with Emily was perfect for us. We’ve always toured on our own, so if we were going to book a tour, we wanted  a more personal and thoughtful tour with someone who knew Provence and could share their knowledge of the area with us. Not only did we get someone with knowledge but we got someone who had a love for what she did. We truly felt like we wee on a tour with a close friend who was sharing her love for the area with her clients.

We had great expectations going into this trip because we had always done our own research, developed an itinerary and made our own arrangements. This trip with Emily showed us that there are real advantages to traveling with a tour guide who has a passion for what she does. She was knowledgeable, kind and became more like a friend sharing her Provence with us. We are so grateful for our time with her.”

Greg & Jill Carol