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Provence road trip tour with Bill and Judy

10-Day Road Trip through all of Provence, 2021 – Hiking tour everyday!

“Our guided trip with Emily was different from the typical tour of Provence. We wanted the trip to mostly involve hiking, but still give us an opportunity to spend some time in small villages. Each day we hiked somewhere and in the evening we were on our own to explore the various towns we stayed in.  Provence is a wonderful place to hike. In the north it looks similar to Colorado with exceptional scenery. Emily appeared to know every trail. We avoided the ‘tourist’ areas, usually hiking without seeing another hiker. For example, we did not visit Pont du Gard through the visitor center. We intersected the aqueduct some distance from the river, following the ruins through a tunnel, past the quarry where the rock was removed and then arrived at the river and spectacular view of Pont du Gard. Then we had a picnic lunch under an ancient olive tree.

We were delighted the wild flowers were still abundant in mid June. And we enjoyed the wonderful people we met wandering about towns in the evenings, including someone that rang the cathedral bells in a town where we stayed. Speaking of bells, we learned that a cathedral bell that had been cast the day before was to be taken from the mold and rung for the first time. As a demonstration of the flexibility of an Emily guided vacation, she took us to the event and it was grand.

Emily worked tirelessly to customize our time in Provence to suit our interests. All the stressful things we find about traveling she took care of. It was great. Emily is great. Take a trip with her.  It will be a success if you tell her the kind of Provence experience you are looking for.”

Bill & Judy Tindall, Tennessee