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Provence Villages Not to Miss

for an authentic experience and a breath of fresh air…

Provence VillagesThere are many Provence villages not to miss. I have a highlighted a few here that standout for their authentic side (less touristy) and offer beautiful views and peaceful gardens.

I have designed a tour taking you to these less touristy places along with some of the more popular “must sees”.  The tour also takes you to three different mountainous areas: The Luberon, Mont Ventoux and Les Alpilles. 

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Lifestyles in Provence


As a tour guide, I get to see people in their “lifestyles” as I go from one village to another.  I consider this a perk to my job.  Capturing simple life moments reminds me to enjoy my own simple moments.  It is also one of the perks of travel; to see different lifetstyles.  It opens up our senses, our awareness and, quite often, gives us inspiration when we go home to live the little things.

Whether it be a facial expression, a gesture, a look or even a bodily stance, there is a story behind the scene ready to be embraced.  There is so much to see when travelling, other than the sites marked out in the guide books (or your private guide).

Take a little journey in Provence through a few of my own shots.  This is my 2016/17 collection of “lifestyles” in Provence.

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Cavaillon, Provence History Walk

Hidden treasures in Provence

Yesterday morning, while walking the ancient Roman road near my house in Cavaillon, I stumbled upon more than ancient ruins. Not just one, not just two but a handful of lavender plants here and there. Surrounded by pine trees, thyme and limestone blocks from the Roman quarry I couldn’t help to marvel at this hidden lavender holding on to its fading purple flowers as if to give the curious wanderer one more treasure before winter arrives.

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The perched villages of the Luberon

From valley to hilltop in the Luberon

The Autumn colors were just starting to turn when I had the privilege to take Larry and Kathy on a tour through the Luberon valleys and hilltops.

From their hotel near Gordes, we ventured to the first village just 10 minutes away.  Oppede-le-Vieux. Why “Vieux” (which means “old”)?  Yes, most things are “old” in France but here it is to distinguish between the newer village of Oppede, established in the valley in the early 1900’s for more space, easier access to water and to cultivate gardens.  Funnily (smartly) the inhabitants took off their roofs before descending not to pay taxes on two properties.

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The Best Time to See Lavender in Provence

Lavender in Provence

Lavender in Provence is definitely something you want to put on your bucket list of places to go and things to see.  The palette of deep purples to vibrant blues often against an 11th or 12th century architectural design or village is, needless to say, breath taking.

However, here’s the hitch:  the four corners of the world know about it today.  Each year, the Provencal lavender bloom attracts thousands, and thousands of visitors.  So where does that leave you?

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