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Pre-Reservation Form

Pre-Reservation Form for Escorted Tours

After availability is confirmed and you receive your quote, a non-refundable deposit of $250 per person is required as well as the signed T&Cs. Final payment is due in full one month prior to day one of your tour. 

Escorted tours run throughout the year EXCEPT for July and August.

Please note that pricing varies depending on a number of variables such as distance traveled each day, choice accommodations, my expenses that may occur to be your chauffeur and guide during your travels.

I choose to be transparent with you. I do not mark up on expenses and I do my best to get my own expenses waived when possible. My private guide, chauffeur and travel coordinator fee is added on after my expenses. 


We want to be able to thank our friends and partners for their support, so we appreciate your response to this question.

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