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Family Friendly

Family Friendly

Provence is a romantic destination but it’s also family friendly.  Children will adore discovering cave dwellings and traces of Roman life as they venture through Provence.  Villages will also be a delight for them as they walk among the castle ruins and learn of the people from the past.  Activities that both adults and children can enjoy together are easy to find in Provence.   From bike rides, to lively city centers, to cultural explorations of the countryside, everyone will have their fun.  

Choosing a Family Friendly Escorted Tour will ensure that all the logistics run smoothly and that the whole family benefits from their trip.  Mom and Dad will have my contacts for babysitters so they can enjoy a candle lit dinner for two.  For the kids,  they can choose from a list of favorite activities my kids have in the region.  The whole family will gain insight into the history, culture, language and way of life in Provence.  My presence as your guide and host will ensure that your family trip is a rich cultural evasion.

Your Private Provence will also provide you with:

  • The perfect place to stay that accommodates to your family’s needs.
  • Catered dinners at the villa so you don’t have to “endure” restaurants the whole trip with the kids
  • Restaurants (meals) that accommodate to children
  • Educational tours of the region that capture the kids’ attention

 Are your children learning French at school?

  • Your Private Provence will incorporate French lessons into the days’ events to maximize their learning opportunities.
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