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Culinary Tour

Culinary Tour

All tours with Your Private Provence incorporate the culinary world of Provence. The culinary experience is just a part of the everyday Provencal lifestyle.  However, if you wish to dig deeper into the gastronomic paradise in Provence,  then you have come to the right place. Your Private Provence will cater to your passion – it’s my passion too.

No matter the season you choose to come, there is always something culinary being celebrated.  Towns, villages and even the local parish celebrate with festivals giving honor to a culinary emblem.  Cavaillon, my home town, is the capital of melon (a Charentais type melon).  The last weekend of June is the very famous Melon Festival. Local brotherhood costumes, a parade and culinary treats made from melon await the visitor.  

Provence is also famed for strawberries (frasie de Carpentras).  It has been a registered trademark since 1987 and is honored with a festival day as well.  The strawberry season in Provnece starts in April and continues on through May.   The Melon and Strawberry are just two of many local products that are highly esteemed in the provence culinary world.  The list is long: olives, almonds, cherries, apricots, apples and pears – the last two being very important to support my husbands orchards!

During the off season (the colder months) Provence does not stop with its culinary delights.  You can munch on hot roasted chestnuts from street vendors as you stroll the shops in local towns.  Crepe stands are numerous and always ready to warm up your hands with a hot Grand Marnier crepe. One of my favorites is the mulled wine found at all the holiday markets.  

  • Cooking lessons with French Chefs
  • Artisan bakers teach you their skills
  • Wine tasting and pairing workshops
  • Tours of factories producing local specialties
  • Visit growers of the region
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