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Energize! Provence


 Energize! Provence


Provence. The very name gives a breathe of fresh air, a sense of renewal, an “awe”. Images of people sitting at outdoor cafes sipping coffee, markets bustling with locals buying locally grown produce and fresh baked baguettes, couples or families strolling the countryside lined with vineyard slopes and olive groves, are just a few easily imagined in the land of Provence.

Going back to the basics is the best remedy for energizing the mind, body and soul. This is also why Joanne and I have designed the Energize! Provence Retreat. We desire to create that opportunity for women to retreat into the simple pleasures of life – to indulge in some delicacies (wine, cheese and bread to name a few), to explore a new land, to take time to reflect, to take a deep breathe of Provencal air.

During the retreat you will simply absorb all the little pleasures that each day will surprise you with. Our job (Joanne and myself) will be to shower you with those surprises. Whether it be Joanne’s fun and energizing personality to give you insight into building your life goals or your local guide’s (that’s me) off-the-beaten-path discoveries and anecdotes that the independent tourist would never venture upon, you are in for a week of pure delight and memories to last a lifetime.

Along with the “energizing!” in the retreat comes a lot of “discovering”. You might discover more about you, you may discover more about others and you will, without doubt, discover the deep heritage of Provence.

  • Villages classed as “Most Beautiful of France”:  Gordes, Rousillon, Lourmarin, Les Beaux de Provence
  • Pont du Gard: Roman aqueduct built in 19 b.c. as part of a 30 mile canal to supply water to the town of Nimes. Three-tired, it rises 160 ft. above the valley and built with no mortar.
  • Arles: referred to as the little Rome of France. The Roman Amphitheater was built around AD 90 and hosted gladiator fights and chariot races. Arles is also the place to trace the steps of Vincent Van Gogh.
  • The Luberon: Mountainous region dotted with hilltop towns, vineyards, castles and abbeys.
  • Saint-Rémy: Provencal market to explore at your lesisure along with outdoor cafés and quaint bistros.
  • Chateaneuf-du-Pape renowned wine region: Winery visits (and tasting of course) in the land where the Popes from Avignon grew their vines starting in the 1300’s.
  • This list is not exhaustive 🙂

The journey can become your own – the discovery is yours to take home – the memories will accompany you for a lifetime.

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 Hosted by Your Private Provence and Joanne Bond, certified coach     

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