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Truffle hunting
Black truffles
Black truffles and wine

Truffle Tour

Provence Truffle Tour 2024

Provence Truffle Tour for your winter escape.

February 27 - March 4th, 2024 - see itinerary here

Contact Emily today for your private January or February Provence truffle tour.

A Provence Truffle Tour takes place during the winter months starting in November and going through to March. The Perigord is the black winter truffle produced in southern France.

Do you know how to find a truffle?  Of course, you can go to the local truffle markets held weekly but why not experience more than the market!  How about finding your own truffle with a truffle grower and his dog? The truffle is a cultural highlight in winter – growing, hunting, buying, cooking, and tasting.

The Truffle Tour pairs nicely with discovering the local olive oil too.  In essence, the Truffle Tour is a gourmet experience combining the best of Provence on the table (truffles, olive oil, wine & cheese) – a  culinary evasion designed by a local to brighten up those winter days.

And why not extend your Truffle Tour with a few days of skiing in the Alps or some warmer sun along the French Riviera (without the summer crowds)!

  • Provence truffle tourProvencal truffle markets
  • Truffle themed menus at restaurants
  • Guided tours of truffle growing areas with local experts
  • Cooking lesson with truffle grower
  • Olive oil – olive oil tasting and mill visits
  • Cozy atmospheres with rustic fireplaces to enchant the winter atmosphere
  • See the detailed 2024 Provence Truffle Tour itinerary here




Roussillon Village in France
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Road sign
Produce stand
One of the great values of truffles is their dearness. Perhaps they would be less highly esteemed if they were cheaper. – Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin, author of The Physiology of Taste, 1825