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Seaside Excursions

Seaside Excursions

Coming to Provence, for many of you, is also about seeing the Mediterranean. Excursions to the seaside are a great way to complete the whole Provencal experience.  The contrast from countryside to seaside,  from ochre-cliffs to sea-cliffs and lavender air to salty air will give your senses something to remember for a lifetime. 

Your time at the seaside is a perfect way to savor, just a little bit longer, your dream vacation.  Add on a seaside excursion to your Week in Provence.  You will be escorted a few days longer to enjoy another flavor of Provence.  

My favorite Seaside Delights:

  • 2 nights accommodation at 5 star Spa set on the seaside (other accommodations available too)
  • Exquisite hikes along the Mediterranean
  • Rent a catamaran or do some wind surfing
  • Discover the “calanques” (steep-walled inlets) by boat or by foot

Your dream vacation idea :

  • Fly into Paris and stay for a few days
  • Take the TGV down to Avignon to start your escorted week in Provence with Your Private Provence.
  • At the end of the week we will journey down to the seaside for a few more adventures.
  • Transfer to either Marseille airport or Nice airport for your trip home or why not on to Italy.
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