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Slow Travel Provence


Is it really possible to go somewhere and let time stand still around me. They say in Provence things move at a slower pace. I remember what Peter Mayle wrote about Provence in A Good Year:

There is nowhere else in the world where you can keep busy doing so little and enjoying it so much.

Your Private Provence’s philosophy on traveling is taking the time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  My goal is to give each traveler the chance to cherish each passing moment for what it’s worth.  Travel Provence with me as your escort.  You will not have worries of getting lost, the stress of driving nor the work of putting a perfect day together.  Your escorted tour also ensures that you immerse into the culture.  You will become part of the culture and won’t feel like just another tourist.

Start dreaming today of the simple pleasures found in Provence:

  • Walks on country paths winding through olive trees, vineyards, small villages and time eras dating back to Neolithic times.
  • Hang out at a café watching the locals buy their baguettes, greet with a kiss and cross the street to buy their meet from the local butcher.
  • Roam the markets and select the perfect pick nick goodies: Provencal olives, morning baked baguette, local charcuterie, regional cheeses and fresh fruit.
  • Eat a picnic in a sunny spot, on top of a hill surrounded by rosemary and thyme.
  • Learn the art of eating a French meal –savoring each course, as it’s presented one by one; art piece by art piece.
  • Play a game of petanque in your villa courtyard accompanied with a glass of rosé and some provencal olives.

The wonderful part about Provence is that simple pleasures come along with extraordinary places to visit.  I often hear that Provence is a place travelers often come back to.  It must be for this simple reason: savoring life in a spectacular setting.  Culture, history, beauty and gastronomy melt together to give you an unforgettable way to savor life.  Bon Voyage!