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Yoga Retreat in Provence

Yoga, Culture & Cuisine


yoga in Provence

What better place to immerse yourself in yoga than in Provence.  The serenity of the landscape is the perfect inspiration for loosening those muscles and taking long, deep breaths.  It’s the perfect location for winding down and indulging in life’s simple pleasures such as good cuisine, basking in the sun, walking among vines and olive groves and, of course, treating yourself to the benefits of yoga.

I have the wonderful opportunity to provide day excursions for Exotic Yoga Retreats in my home region of Provence.

The 15th century abbey, now a luxury holiday villa, hosted a group of 14 travelers, all searching for a stress-free vacation with the added benefit of a little yoga in the morning and evening.  The levels may vary – but the friendly ambiance of meeting together in an exotic location with an experienced yoga instructor make everyone walk away with satisfaction.  Days are spent relaxing by the pool, going for walks around the country villa or going on excursions with me to discover the cultural heritage of Provence.  There is also a sense of excitement and anticipation for each meal at the villa.  The owners of the villa are quite talented with their culinary expertise- and knowledge of wine to accompany each meal!

Perhaps you have always dreamed of going on a yoga retreat.  Or, perhaps you have never really thought that yoga could fit into your vacation.  Exotic Yoga Retreats knows how to put together a week of adventure and serenity to meet the needs of any traveler who is looking for a chance to resource.

I am looking forward to meeting the next group in July 2016, 3-9 and showing them the wonderful heritage and culture of Provence.

If you would like to know more about this retreat you can drop me a line or go directly to Exotic Yoga Retreats – tell them Your Private Provence sent you 🙂

Now, where is my yoga mat – I think this calls for a little pre-retreat work!




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