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Dream Destination Provence

Gordes at Night, Provence France

Dream Destination in Provence

A couple of months ago, while touring a villa in the Luberon valley, I met some Americans on vacation for a month in Provence. This was my chance to ask a few questions to help me better cater to vacationers.

  • How do you like your villa?
  • Lots of comfort and charm…but not easy for Jim to access the bedroom. These stairs are difficult for him.

Yes, the staircase was very charming, spiraling up to the master bedroom, but obviously for someone with a handicap, these were not the stairs to be climbing everyday.

  • What have you all visited so far?
  • Yesterday, we went to Avignon. It was a nightmare!
  • A nightmare???
  • Well, Avignon was absolutely gorgeous but getting there was a nightmare. Traffic, finding the right roads, where to park…and the way people drive! It was a lot for us.

I immediately offered my escort services. They were eager to get my contact information and a little disappointed we didn’t make contact day one of their trip – when they couldn’t find their rented villa.

Provence is a dream destination, but just like any travel destination, there are a few stresses that come with the unknown.

Today, Your Private Provence offers you escorted tours:

  • No more wrong turns and getting lost (which means no more tension between husband and wife)
  • Assurance that your villa is suitable for your needs
  • Discover the back roads – unique places you wouldn’t find on your own
  • Meet the people who make Provence the place it is – converse with them using me as your interpreter.

Visit my site ( to find out more on traveling Provence with my escort services. Come back and visit me often on my blog to engage in Provencal lifestyle – even before departure. Follow me on Facebook to get the latest updates on special tours, events and promotions. Have an imagery tour on Pinterest to give your 5 senses a sneak preview. Share your questions on dream traveling – I’d love to hear from you.

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