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Provence Lavender & Cultural Tour

Provence Lavender & Cultural Tour

June 22 – 27, 2019

Price $2,350 per person based on double occupancy / $480 single room supplement 

Tour Provence with a perfect mix of

culture and lavender

Enjoy touring through Provence lavender before the crowds of summer swarm in July.  This tour offers many cultural elements to dig deeper into the historical elements that founded the land as well as the stunning beauty of lavender.

Cavaillon, Provence history walk

Cavaillon history walk – hidden treasures in Provence



Yesterday morning, while walking the ancient Roman road near my house in Cavaillon I stumbled upon more than ancient ruins. Not just one, not just two but a handful of lavender plants here and there. Surrounded by pine trees, thyme and limestone blocks from the Roman quarry I couldn’t help to marvel at this hidden lavender holding on to its fading purple flowers as if to give the curious wanderer one more treasure before winter arrives.



On my hike, that I have often done but never guided by Annie Gaudin, historian at the Cavaillon Heritage Museum, I put together the pieces of my puzzle.

French Poet

Inspiring Words From a French Poet: Rene Char

French Poet

Last month I was at the school office waiting for my parent-teacher meeting. It was a long wait as the school decided to do all the parent-teacher meetings this year at the same time in 15-minute intervals. I bet you can already see where I’m going – yes, a long wait.

There was one magazine on the table beside me and the name didn’t actually appeal to me: 84 Magazine of the Department. France is composed of “departments” each with their own number (94 in total) – a bit like counties in the States. The one I live in is called Vaucluse and has the number 84. Out of boredom, I picked it up and suddenly got excited. The whole edition, which is normally dedicated to regional business and politics, was filled with 84 Reasons To Love Provence!