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Contemplative Photography & Slow Travel

Contemplative Photography & Slow Travel


What is contemplative photography?

Contemplative Photography

Go beyond the habitual ways of seeing and looking - beauty is everywhere!

There’s an inner longing in all of us to see beauty.  It’s one of the first things we « plan » when free time comes our way: an outing to our local museum, a weekend getaway to mountains or the seaside, a trip to some far off foreign shore to behold something beyond what we already know.  There’s a need to connect to our longing for beauty and to behold it in our eyes. 

Contemplative Photography Contemplative Photography

What if we could find beauty every day, in the mundane of our routines, and even in the off-putting circumstances that inevitably creep up?  Could we also be challenged to experience beauty in the midst of our pain and brokenness? 

Provence Autumn Tour

Provence Autumn Tour

Contemplative Photography & Provencal Lifestyle Travel 

Fall Photography Tour

The autumn colors of Provence await you and your lens. 

Experience the true Provençal lifestyle while learning to expand your vision through contemplative slow-travel photography.  The magic of the season, when the vineyards shimmer with golden rays and ruby red leaves climb up the ancient stone walls, creates the perfect backdrop for the creative process.  

Provence will forever be captured not only in your heart but also in your artistic eye. From Medieval & Roman architecture, to croissants, café, and gourmet food experiences, to the colorful vineyards leading to secret chapels and authentic hilltop villages, you will engage in a sensory experience along each route. This is your opportunity to rediscover (discover) your creative talent in one of the most inspiring lands in the world. 

Discover the High Provence region combining Mediterranean flavors with a pre-alpine influence while the autumn colors shine vividly and mushrooms make their way to the markets.  This backcountry of Provence is a hidden gem offering spectacular views and authentic villages for a contemplative, slow-travel photography experience.

Sunday, October 17th - Saturday, October 23rd, 2021

6 nights / 7 days

Our luxury accommodations at La Verrière Estate

Imagine yourself at this beautiful estate basking in the sun enjoying a nice glass of Chêne Bleu rosé. We are pleased to share with you this special hidden away estate in Creste, France.

Wine Photography in France

Wine Photography in Provence

wine photography


Wine photography is just one of the artistic elements to photograph while traveling in the South of France.  Ancient doors, rustic shutters, wildflowers and colorful facades keep the eye in the continual movement to capture the glory.   Could there be something better to capture than this?  What about a story?