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Kings Cake in Provence

What is a Kings Cake?

kings cake in Provence

Colorful January in Provence!  No, Provence is not a tropical island but it does have an array of colors even in the middle of winter.  I’m talking about a particular delight in all French bakeries that help cheer the soul during the long and grey month of January.  Yesterday, I went around to a few bakeries in my hometown to get some pictures to show you just what I’m talking about.

Experience a Troglodyte in Provence

Experience a Troglodyte

Some things just have to be experienced – photos, as beautiful as they may be, just can’t speak as loudly as the place itself. Especially when you are visiting a troglodyte in Provence.


Troglodyte in Provence

Olive Mill Troglodyte in Provence

I opened the door and immediately felt transcended to a completely different world.  The silence was incredible; nothing distracted me from imagining the site full of busy people from the past. 

Travel Provence

Travel Provence

cafe in Aix-en-Provence by Trevor Neal

Travel Provence

Is it really possible to go somewhere and let time stand still around me.    They say in Provence things move at a slower pace.  I remember what Peter Mayle wrote about Provence in A Good Year:

There is nowhere else in the world where you can keep busy doing so little and enjoying it so much.