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About me 

Provence called my name twenty years ago. I didn’t start dreaming about Provence until I met a Frenchman in my third year of college at Seattle Pacific University. Then I started dreaming of everything French.  I graduated, said goodbye to my college life in Seattle, my family in Oregon and off I went to France.

Over the course of two decades I discovered what it is to migrate, attain a new identity while holding on to an old one, learn to speak a new language, eat food I never thought I would even see on a dinner plate, and learn to hold onto the good of the two countries that I now call home.

In 2013, while in Oregon for the summer, I launched my dream business; a U.S. based specialty travel company – giving the best of my adopted home Provence, (where I now reside), to travelers around the world wanting to get to know the Provencal lifestyle intimately and like a local.

Whether it be a custom-made itinerary, a wellness retreat or a family get-away, my philosophy is that travel is the key to unlocking our souls. My goal as a travel professional is to help travelers use their vacation time to unwind, disconnect from the superfluous and reconnect with themselves and the ones they are travelling with. And if while standing upon a fortified Roman hilltop, looking down at the sundrenched olive groves and vineyards, your heart takes a leap forward in awe and your soul is renewed with the beauty of life, then travel has indeed unlocked the soul.

Join me on a Provencal adventure to engage, immerse, discover, explore, and reconnect with what is dear to you.

Your Private Provence – Emily Durand

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away. – Anonymous